Man nursing injuries after scuffle with hospital security guards


A man has accused security guards at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital of assaulting and leaving him with serious head injuries.

Mr Anthony Maina said he was clobbered by the guards after he demanded to know why his ailing mother, who was suffering from cancer, had not been attended to though she had been at the hospital for two days.

According to Mr Maina, his mother, Ms Mary Wairimu, needed a blood transfusion but two days later, she had not been attended to, prompting him to start questioning the nurse on duty.

“My blood group did not match with that of my mother but I had to donate as a presentation for replacement, but two days later she had not been attended to.

“The nurses did not give any explanation but instead called the security guards and the next thing after regaining my consciousness I was lying on a bed,” he said.

Mrs Magdalene Njogu, Ms Wairimu’s sister, said they took Mr Maina to Mother Kevin Hospital after he refused to be treated at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital.

She said Ms Wairimu was in an advanced stage of cervical cancer and she needed urgent attention.

Nakuru Level 5 Hospital Deputy Medical Superintendent Beatrice Etemesi confirmed in a phone interview that the incident occurred on Saturday at 4pm.

Dr Etemesi said Mr Maina threatened the nurse physically, prompting the security guards to intervene.

“He came with blood whose source we were not aware of. And he was demanding that it should be transfused to his mother, which is against the codes and ethics of our profession,” she said.

Ms Wairimu passed away on Monday at the hospital.