Man demands DNA tests for 11 children


A 65-year-old farmer who has been married for 40 years is questioning the paternity of his 11 children and has asked a magistrate to order DNA tests on all of them.

Most of the children are in their 30s and the youngest is in Form Three. The magistrate did not rule on the request for DNA tests from Mr John Gachiri.

The elderly man made the startling request in court Tuesday when he testified against his wife and some of his offspring after they allegedly assaulted him.

“After the harsh treatment from them and my wife, I seriously doubt that I actually fathered them,” Mr Gachiri told an Othaya court.


The prosecution told the court that Mr Gachiri was attacked at his home because of a dispute in the family over land.

His wife, Mrs Beatrice Gachiri, and the Form Three son pleaded not guilty to assaulting Mr Gachiri before Resident Magistrate Raymond Kibet.

A nephew, who was allegedly involved in the attack on Mr Gachiri, is being sought by police after he ran away from home.

It is alleged that during the attack, Mr Gachiri was seriously injured in the right leg and in the genitals and was taken to hospital for surgery.

He was treated at different hospitals, among them Nairobi Women’s Hospital, for three weeks.

He told the court that none of his relatives or children came to visit him during that time.

He said only his brother, Mr Ndirangu Kamau, who is a witness in the case, came to see him.

He claimed his wife had assaulted him previously and he had reported the attack to the police but withdrew the case after she asked for forgiveness.

The court heard that the two had a strained relationship and were constantly fighting over the land. Relatives told the court they had not intervened in the dispute because they saw it as a private matter.

“We knew there was a problem, but we did not want to be a part of it. “They have never agreed on who controls the disputed land,” said Mr Kamau. A doctor is expected to testify and verify the medical reports. The case will be heard on November 24.