Madagascar on high alert after Paris terror attack

Madagascar has announced several security measures following the Friday Paris terror attacks that claimed at least 129 lives.
The operation involves both the military and the police, top officials said.
The security personnel have been deployed in the capital Antananarivo and other regions, to particularly watch over the French nationals and French installations.
“Surveillance at the borders, including airports and seaports, has been reinforced,” confirmed the head the Security and Intelligence, Gen Anthony Rakotoson.
The the citizens and foreigners have been asked to cooperate for the success of the security operation.
Criminal networks
Searches on people and vehicles have been enhanced and special attention is trained on the personal files of foreigners in Madagascar.
“Special monitoring of their (foreigners) situation was decided in order to know their real situation. Some might have links with criminal networks,” Gen Rakotoarison said.
The Foreign Affairs minister, Ms Béatrice Attalah, confirmed that no Malagasies died in the Paris attacks, but pointed out that one of the victims was a French woman who lived for many years in Antananarivo.
The Paris tragedy has been condemned globally.