Love for Harambee Stars strong, but dismay greets ugly travel ordeal


Kenyans were dismayed with Harambee Stars travel ordeal that saw the team get stranded at the Wilson Airport for the better part of Monday before eventually flying out aboard a chartered plane some minutes after 9pm for Cape Verde.

Enraged football fans took to social media to vent out their fury with Harambee Stars a hot topic on Facebook for the better part of the day while some called Daily Nation Sport Desk to express their anger.

Legendary footballer Joe Kadenge, who was Harambee Stars team manager in 1990, when the team threatened not to travel to Blantyre, Malawi for an African Cup of Nations qualifier over unpaid allowances, which eventually saw them leave Nairobi on match day and beat their hosts 3-2, called on phone wondering why the federation could not sort the mess once and for all.

“It’s a shame that many years down the line we are still discussing the same mess. Is it too hard to sort it once and for an all? And why are the federation’s chiefs still gunning to defend their seats when they can’t solve simple issues?”

Wycliffe Odhiambo for his part backed Stars to do well even in the face of adversity: “History has is it that Harambee Stars perform well after going through hell. It’s not the first time this is happening it has happened before you can refer in Calabar in Nigeria, Aswan in Egypt, In Libya, In Congo just to mention but a few,” he posted on Facebook.

He added: “Please note it’s not that I’m supporting the impunity but what I’m saying is in our lowest moment is when our star shines brighter. I believe in the team today na pia kama mbaya mbaya kwani iko nini?”

Koth Biro posted: “Harambee Stars against all odds will win this match today (Tuesday). Their resilience, strong will, ability to survive Kenyan issues and the players experience in handling stress and pressure at the Annual Koth Biro football tournament will definitely help them at this sad time.”

We await to respectfully welcome you back our brave warriors as you take your positions at Koth Biro where Stars shine and new stars are born.”