Leopards will return stronger next season


The curtains finally came down on this doomed season Sunday. Much as I loath it, I must salute our noisy neighbours for winning the title for the third time running.

Kudos but remember that Ingwe will be back and stronger next season. At the den, it is the time to reflect on what went wrong and fix the problems once and for all.

There is no point dwelling much on the misfortunes that have dogged the club right from the beginning of the season to the very end.

I would rather pick on the positives – and they are very few – in the hope that we will build on them going forward.

Among the few positive things to happen to Ingwe this season is the emergence of a new generation of highly talented youngsters with great potential to take the club places in the years to come, assuming our so called “officials” have the presence of mind to secure their future at the den.

I must single out versatile midfielder Duncan Otieno as the fulcrum of this new generation of players.

“Danco” to me is our new Tom Juma.

In Danco, Ingwe has a utility player, able to play as centre back and both as a holding and attacking midfielder.

Jumaan Khalid too fits in this category, a daredevil midfielder bold enough to run at defences and shoot from distance.

Also in this category are newcomers Simon Sikuku and Eugene Musilwa who despite very limited playing time, have shown glimpses of their great potential. These are youngsters the club must retain at all cost.


I dare say that somehow, the problems that have afflicted the club throughout the season have brought out the fighting spirit in the boys.

The first leg match against Sofapaka brought out this fighting spirit. It is the spirit we must take to the next season.

If there is a season that has brought out the best in Bernard Mang’oli, it must be the just ended season.

The boy has established himself as one of the finest midfielders in the country and even beyond.

For once, Ingwe has a playmaker, the engine of the team. I must say that Mang’oli is by far my player of the season.

The other positive aspect of the season has been the “rehabilitation” of Eric Masika and Lucas Indeche.

Masika’s soccer career was all but over until Ingwe gave him a second chance and he has taken it with both hands.

Indeche too was just another average goalkeeper, conceding five goals in the first leg against Ingwe.

At Ingwe, the man has transformed himself into one of the best keepers in the country.

With the season taking a break until next year, this column too, takes a break.

Till we meet again next season, I wish you a happy festive season and New Year. Adios.