KPL to relegate two teams at the end of 2015 season


Only two teams will be relegated from the Kenyan Premier League and a similar number promoted at the end of the 2015 season.

This is according to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Football Kenya Federation and the Kenyan Premier League on September 24, a copy of which is in the possession of Nation Sport.

Clause 1.1 (g) of the MoU states: “The objective and mandate of Jec (Joint Executive Committee) shall include: ‘to review and agree at least one full season prior to their implementation on any proposals for approval by the KPL Governing Council regarding any major changes in the league and especially in the calendar of the football season, in the number of teams in the league or in the relegation of two (2) teams from the league and promotion of two (2) top teams from the FKF – National League at the end of each season.’”


“There must be relegation and promotion between the top tier KPL and the second tier FKF-League. The number of relegated and promoted clubs between the top and second tier leagues will be set by mutual agreement in the Jec and shall always be done before the start of the season in which it applies.”

However, despite the document being clear on the matter, FKF on Tuesday said in a statement that four teams will be relegated from the KPL and six promoted from the FKF-League.

Several FKF-PL clubs have demanded to know exactly how many teams will be promoted to the KPL.

In fact, 17 KPL-PL clubs boycotting league matches last weekend. The clubs on Wednesday reiterated that they will not honour the fixture unless they are told how many teams will be promoted.

Last year, FKF and KPL clashed over the composition of the top-tier league with the former pushing for an 18-team competition while the last stick to a 16-club affair.


The standoff led to the federation not forwarding top teams in the Nationwide League for promotion, but instead starting an 18-team Premier League while KPL retained relegated Nakuru All Stars and Nairobi City Stars for 16-team league.

The MoU further states that each year, KPL will pay the membership and affiliation fee to FKF, an equivalent of 5 per cent of the annual league title rights fee of which 4 per cent paid to FKF and 1 percent to the FKF-KPL Joint Development Fund (JDF) plus 5 percent of the annual net TV and radio broadcast fee, to be divided equally between FKF and JDF.

In the event of a dispute arising from the MoU, either party may give notice to the other in writing of evidence of such a dispute or disagreement and either party may refer the dispute to the Sports Disputes Tribunal. Decisions of the Tribunal can only be appealed at the Court of Arbitration for Sports.