Kesavi endorses Five Ring Ball


Kenya Sports Association for the Visually Impaired (Kesavi) has endorsed a new sport called the Five Ring Ball.

Kesavi Secretary General Francis Maina said that the sport will assist the marginalised group in building confidence and improving their self-sufficiency.

“We have launched the sport and it is our hope that it will go a long way in assisting the visually impaired people who are often sidelined in society,” Maina told Daily Nation Sport on Wednesday.

“They will also get a chance to align their bodies through the obstacles courses the game provides in order improve their income.”

On the prospect of the future of the sport, Maina added: “We are still in the preliminary stages and we hope to build on our outreach programmes for more affected people to embrace the sport.”

The sport ideally is played by visual impaired persons especially those with total blindness within a court that is marked with five circular rings. The sport has singles and doubles format like tennis with designated score points areas.

The brainchild of the Five Ring Ball, Derrick Okang’a, was adamant that his initiative would bring positive changes.

“I came up with this idea in 2003 but it is until this year that there has been tangible progress. I call upon sponsors and well-wishers to come work with us to support our course. We have already built a foundation with a few institutions but I believe more can be done,” Okang’a said.