Kenyans paying the price for ignoring weatherman’s warning

The devastating effects of the El Nino rains have started taking toll on Kenyans.

Already, some areas like Bungoma and Garissa have reported deaths and hundreds displaced by raging waters while roads in West Pokot have been rendered impassable.

It is unfortunate that deaths have occurred from El Nino despite early warning by the weatherman.

Many Kenyans chose to ignore the prediction from the Meteorological Department that they would be increased rainfall in the country, doubting their accuracy.

They even came up with phrases like ‘El Nino ni wewe,’ oblivious of the danger they were courting.

Some resisted plans to relocate them to higher ground and stayed put. Now the country is grappling with disasters that could have been averted. Kenyans must learn to mitigate preventable disasters by always acting on warnings.

Even the money set aside by national and county governments has not helped much as people continue to suffer and die.

Kenyans must learn from their past mistakes and this should be the last one.