Kalonzo Musyoka says border wall will not deter Al-Shabaab


Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka has chided the government’s intention to built a security barrier along the Kenya-Somali border.

Speaking to a group of law students at the University of Nairobi’s Parklands campus, the former vice-president argued it would be unreasonable to build a wall since some Kenyans have joined Al-Shabaab.

“Al-Shabaab has now taken a different dimension. Al-Shabaab is not (just) people from Somalia. It is now Kamba, Kikuyu, Luo and Luhya.

“It is therefore ridiculous to hear that a wall is being constructed along the border. I wonder if they will construct another in Eastleigh … then you ask yourself … how many walls are we going to construct …” he said.


Mr Kalonzo was at the campus to talk to the students about ethnic strife and lessons Kenyans can learn from the South Sudan civil war.

The government has indicated that it will put up a barrier to stop Al-Shabaab militants from crossing into Kenya.

Mr Kalonzo asked the students to avoid ethnic exclusions because “it is the same challenge that has affected” South Sudan and Somalia.

The Cord co-principal told students to “live the spirit” of the Constitution by demanding that authorities stick to what it says.

“There is absolutely no reason to have the Constitution, just on paper. We have a good document, not perfect and that is why you see some of us demanding to change it, but it looks to me that everybody in this country does not believe what chapter 6 stands for; integrity,” he said.

Mr Kalonzo also criticised the judiciary.

“Ask yourself why the judgement (of the election petition) has not been quoted (by lawyers in court cases).

“The association (LSK) (to) which you will eventually belong when you take out your practicing certificate has actually looked at that judgment and said it should not be quoted as authority at all,” he said.