Jubilee must heed call to talk to Opposition

Retired President Mwai Kibaki’s clarion call to the Jubilee Administration to listen to the Opposition and other dissenting voices could not have come at a more opportune moment.

Increasingly, the citizens are getting frustrated by an administration that has blocked its ears from their cries and bent on feeding the people with lies and propaganda.

The citizens are concerned about the high levels of corruption in government and the attendant inaction by the Executive.

Although the economy is performing badly with inflation rising and interest rates soaring to dizzy heights, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy President William Ruto aver that everything is perfect and keep dismissing critics as rubble-rousers.

The Executive cannot pretend that all is well when the country is faced with insecurity, looting of public resources, industrial unrest in the public sector, massive exam cheating, collapsing social services like health, and dysfunctional government departments, among others.

When the Opposition raises such issues, the government and its loyalists roundly vilify them and depict them as agents of doom out to destabilise the country.

Precisely, this is the fallacy Mr Kibaki was cautioning against.

The Opposition may not be clean, but it behoves the government to listen to the issues they raise.

Similarly, the non-governmental organisations, the media and other independent voices may be nagging, but the government ought to listen to them.

It can never be that all these groups are daft. John F. Kennedy, one of America’s most illustrious Presidents, was clear on this: Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

True leadership is about humility, introspection and open-mindedness.

The converse is hubris and delusion of grandeur, which is what we see in the current administration.

Much has been said about the mess in government and the Kenyatta Administration cannot afford to wish them away.

Let the President take heed of Mr Kibaki’s advice to listen and take action lest the country falls under his watch.