Jubilee joins calls to change Constitution


The pursuit to amend the Constitution is emerging as a hot campaign issue, as the country gears for the 2017 elections.

At least three initiatives have been launched, Jubilee Coalition being the latest entrant following the launch of the Boresha Katiba (to improve the constitution) campaign.

Boresha Katiba promises to, among other things, make corruption, drug trafficking and terrorism capital offences, punishable by death.

The other two drives are Okoa Kenya, spearheaded by the opposition, Coalition for Reform and Democracy (Cord), and Pesa Mashinani, driven by the Council of Governors, seeking to increase funds allocated to the counties to 45 per cent.

Jubilee MPs who addressed a press conference at Parliament Buildings in Nairobi on Wednesday, said theirs was the “most sensible” initiative and less likely to divide the country, since it does not involve going to a referendum, but conducting the plebiscite alongside the General Elections in 2017.

Tiaty MP Asman Kamama, who is one of the conveners, said the strategy would cut costs and ensure prudent use of resources since conducting a referendum was an expensive affair.

“We will be reaching out to our friends in the Okoa Kenya and Pesa Mashinani campaigns to our side which is more patriotic. It will ensure prudent use of public funds and will not lead to raising of political temperatures that may trigger insecurity as happened in 2005,” he said.

He said their initiative has attracted public interest with Kenyans requesting that the number of nominated Senators, MPs and County Ward representatives be reduced by 700 from the current 892, to reduce the public wage Bill.