It’s time to act on graft

The police and the Director of Public Prosecutions must act with speed to charge the suspects linked to the embezzlement of funds at the National Youth Service and other government agencies.

For years, various agencies have been promising to act against the corrupt, yet the country’s prosecution and conviction record remains dismally unimpressive.

On Monday, the DPP ordered yet another round of prosecutions over the loss of hundreds of millions of shillings at NYS, but by yesterday, not much headway had been made to either arrest those adversely mentioned or produce them in court.

Corruption remains a major concern for the economy and among wananchi and the perception that not enough is being done to punish those adversely mentioned is undermining public confidence.

Now, however, the DPP has an opportunity to prove that corruption has consequences by acting with utmost speed to bring suspects to trial and to net those who will be implicated in the course of future investigations.

The courts must also step up to the challenge by prioritising corruption cases and ensuring that justice is done and seen to be done.