It pays to develop an attitude of gratitude


How was your week? Did you have to work late to meet deadlines? You may have had to go long distances to your place of work which meant waking up early each morning.

Perhaps you got into a jam this morning and got to work late. Whatever your circumstances, what really matters is the perspective you had of all these events.

What is your perspective to the circumstances in your life?

You could have decided to complain and grouched all day. Unfortunately, complaining gives away your power. It also makes you the slave of your circumstances. Remember, it is not what happened to you but what you did that determines whether you emerge a winner or not.

You may have had little control over the things that happened to you all week but you certainly had control over what you felt or did.


Regardless of the circumstances you are in, there is something to be grateful for. The first thing to be grateful for is the fact that you are alive and well.

If you were caught up in a jam, be thankful that you could afford either the fare or the car. Most people tend to just look at the negative aspects of their lives. What are the things to be grateful for? I’d like to challenge you to start each morning by making a mental list of the things you are thankful for.

The story goes that a religious man and a taxi driver died and went to heaven. When they got there, the taxi driver was given a shinier crown than the religious man.

When the religious man protested, he was told that his congregation did not pray as much as the passengers did whenever the taxi driver took them for a ride!

Make a gratitude journal. This is a list of the things you are grateful for. You could also list down the people you would like to honour in your life.

Whenever you show gratitude, you are honoring the greatness in the other person. It also means you are a great person, since you cannot give what you don’t have.

The flip side of this is that you should do good things to others without worrying too much about the reward. Always choose to do well, even if there is no promise of a reward. Your time will come.

The story is goes that a king was going through the records of the people who had done honourable things in his kingdom. He came across a record that indicated that a man by the name Mordecai had done good but had not been rewarded for it.

The king called one of his chief advisors, Haman, to advise him on how to honour a man who had served the king well. Thinking that he was the recipient of the award, he went ahead and gave a detailed description of how it should be done. The king asked him to do the same for Mordecai.

The king displayed his greatness by honouring Mordecai.


Have you taken the time to thank people who help you succeed? There was a great pianist who was well known for his expertise. In the old times, there were pneumatic pianos that required that someone else pumps air into the piano so that the music flows. The pianist went into a crowded hall to a thunderous applause. He took about five minutes thanking everyone in the hall. Then he sat down to play. No sound came.

Upon investigation, the pianist found that the man responsible for pumping air into the piano had decided not to do so because the pianist had thanked everyone except the man responsible for pumping the air into the piano.

Gratitude is a multiplier. Have you ever considered thanking those around you? Go on, be grateful. It costs nothing.