Imperial Bank wants accounts of ‘looters’ of its money frozen


Imperial Bank has filled two applications seeking to freeze the accounts of companies and individuals whom it says siphoned Sh34 billion from the mid-tier lender and who might benefit from its closure.

In the first application, it wants the court to freeze the accounts and assets of 12 companies and eight people believed to have colluded with its former managing director, Mr Abdulmalek Janmohamed and senior officials to defraud the bank.

The financial institution wants the assets and accounts of W E Tilley, Primecatch, Mara Fish Packers, J Fish Kenya, Victorian Delight, Ruby Red, Value Pak Foods, From Eden, Aqualite, Marmo E Granito Mines (T), Marmo Marble (U) and Fishways Uganda frozen.

Imperial also wants transactions with the property of Zulfikar Haiderali Jessa, Nasir Haiderali Jessa, Nargis Jessa, Nadir Azizali Jessa, Firoz Jessa, Salim Jessa, Irfan Shamshadin Jessa and Nashiv Haiderali Jessa suspended.


In a separate application filled at High Court on Tuesday, the bank also wants the High Court to freeze the accounts of Mr Janmohamed’s company, Janco Investments and stop 10 people, including the family members, from interfering with its assets that are tied to the bank.

The family and the other parties attached in a certificate of urgency have allegedly begun transacting in Mr Janmohamed’s estate.

“The bank has recently received information indicating that the defendants have already begun to transfer, dispose and/or alienate their assets as well as the assets comprising the deceased’s estate and the deceased’s trust,” reads one of the applications.

Imperial Bank was closed last month with Sh48 billion in deposits and Sh62 billion in assets by the end of September.