How was Sh500m for El Nino used? Displaced families ask


Displaced families in Nakuru’s Kwa Rhonda estate now want an explanation on how Sh500 million set aside by the county for El Nino rains was spent.

The more than 1,000 residents who have been displaced as a result of the ongoing heavy rains, spent the whole of Thursday digging trenches and draining water from their flooded residential area following the ongoing heavy rains.

According to Ms Evaline Kerubo, one of the residents, the ongoing rains have continued to wreak havoc in the area which lies on the lower side of Nakuru town, especially at night.

“Night rains are worse. For the last two weeks, we have experienced a worse nightmare because we keep watching for the rains lest we are swept away,” Ms Kerubo said.

She spoke as the Kenya Red Cross confirmed that the situation was dire and hinted of possible a meeting with the County Government on Friday to discuss a humanitarian intervention.

Mr Juma Isaac, a County Red Cross official coordinating the agency’s response team in the affected area said they expect the County Government’s assistance to ensure the affected families are assisted.

The residents said most of their property including documents, food and clothing have been destroyed by the rain water that flood their houses.

The affected residents blamed the County government for failing to come up with a quick response mechanism despite the area being identified as one of the hotspots prone to flooding whenever it rains.

“We need a breakdown of how Sh500 million meant for El Nino preparedness is being spent by the County government. We are suffering here yet we have not received any communication from the County government for the last two weeks.” another resident, Mr Samuel Momanyi, said.

Early October, Governor Kinuthia Mbugua unveiled the El Nino preparedness steering committee to implement a comprehensive plan and announced that the County would use Sh500 million to mitigate the effects.

However, the residents said they are yet to receive any communication or help from the preparedness team from the County government.

“These families should be evacuated to safer grounds as soon as possible. The children here are staying hungry and have nowhere to spend their nights,” a former area councillor Mr Joel Nyandieka said.

“There are no proper drainage systems in the area which is the main reason why people are being displaced. The only solution to these recurrent floods are proper drainage systems,” Mr Nyandieka said.