How to defeat terrorists

The war against terrorism presents one of the toughest challenges for security personnel.

And it is precisely because they are fighting an enemy who often hides among the people and inflicts maximum damage to spread fear.

These evil people and their allies must, therefore, be relentlessly pursued and punished. Security personnel must, however, avoid indiscriminate use of strong-arm tactics. This is why a warning by Muslim leaders against extrajudicial killings is crucial.

As the leaders rightly pointed out, there is a huge risk of reversing the gains made in the war against terrorists if innocent people are targeted as this could encourage even moderates to join extremist groups.

The authorities genuinely wish to eradicate a problem that poses a grave danger to national peace and tranquillity, but this must be done by respecting the constitutional rights of all.

The religious leaders and other Kenyans must, therefore, cooperate with the police if the campaign is to succeed.

After all, terrorists do not come from outer space. There are people in the community who assist them.

The people’s cooperation is absolutely essential.