How to always look well put together

It is easy to think there are women who roll out of bed immediately knowing exactly what to wear and that you are not one of those women. The secret to looking effortlessly stylish is not to wing it. You have to have a plan. It will come in handy on those days when you can’t pick out what to wear.

Map out your week. Your calendar will tell you where you need to be and at what times, so you know what to wear. If, for instance, you have a do after work and can’t get home to change, leave the house prepared.

You can’t go wrong with black. Have a couple of well-fitting classics such as LBDs in sheath form, skater dress or pant suits that you can immediately reach for and pair with interesting accessories.

Have a couple of pairs of shoes that look fancy and feel comfortable that can brighten your outfit and improve your mood.

Go for striking pieces when it comes to basics such as a little red, white or blue dress, a trench coat in an unusual fabric or design, and a well-cut blazer in a neutral colour that blends in with everything in your wardrobe.

Pick a blazer silhouette that works for you, be it tuxedo, boyfriend or cropped, and get it in three different colours. Mix and match them with your skirts, pants and dresses as well as your accessories.

Mix casual and formal attire such as denim with a white button-down shirt, pencil skirt with a cool t-shirt, or flared skirt with a denim shirt.

When you have a free day, experiment with your clothes by pairing items you had not considered before. You will find several new outfits that way that will refresh your wardrobe and make you a little more excited about the prospect of what to wear.