How to achieve an air of respectability


There are certain things in life that money cannot buy. One of the most sought-after qualities that many women long to possess is that of being respected by others.

When people hold you in high regard no matter what your station in life is, it gives one a sense of satisfaction that is difficult to describe. How can you know that you have won the respect of others?

There are many ways, such as how well people speak or do not speak of you. You can also tell by how others talk to and look at you.

Remember, you do not have to be rich or famous to be respected. All you have to do is to be yourself in the nicest way.

Here are some pointers to get you started on that path.

Always weigh your words

Think before you open your mouth to speak. If you are the kind of person whose mouth has no limits, you will find yourself gradually losing respect.

Always talking ill about other people, gossiping and criticisms will make others raise their eyebrows whenever they encounter you.

Sometimes a little silence will go a long way in earning you back lost respect.

Do not talk about yourself all the time

Everything should not always be about you. When there is unlimited information about you out there, it becomes rather difficult to control the way rumours may spread.

The most notorious situations occur on social media where you can read the weirdest things about others. Avoid fuelling all this by keeping your personal life personal.

Keep your word

To keep your respect intact, keep your word whenever you promise anything. This is very crucial in business.

If you keep on promising your customers or clients things that you are clearly not in a position to deliver, your reputation will soon go down the drain. They will think that you are lying to them anytime you agree on something. If you are not sure that you can deliver, it is better to remain non-committal.

Many people are afraid of saying no upfront and tend to agree something at first, only to withdraw at the last minute with all sorts of excuses.

Pay your debts

No amount of money is worth losing your respect over. When you decline to pay someone a debt you owe, you could end up embarrassed and disrespected.