Holiday activities for your children in cold weather


The weather is dreadful and children are out for holiday. It is time again to plan how to keep them occupied, the cold weather notwithstanding.

Camping outdoors may not be the best idea, unless on the beaches, but day-long sporting and mind stimulating events will keep the children warm, away from the TV and video games and boost their well being.

Here are a few outdoor ideas for children of all ages during the holiday.

Ambassadors Football Kenya

It is hosting a football camp from July 28 – August 1 at Rosslyn Academy.

The camp is open for boys and girls from six to 14 years with varied experience and skill in the sport. The camp will hold ‘Team Talks’ based on Christian principles. Children will have the opportunity to learn basic and advanced football skills. The registration fee is Sh11,000 per camper. There is also a discount if you have more than one child. Four children get a Sh2,000 discount.


When checking in for the eight-day camp, the first thing that the children and teens do is to hand in their electronic devices. They will be allowed 10 to 20 minutes a day to use them.

In addition to academics, students will be trained on how to improve their confidence, effective communication, addressing conflicts, and apologising, among other life skills.

SuperCamp Lite is a three-day residential programme and just like SuperCamp, it is designed to train students in life skills in pursuit of success.

The junior forum is ideal for ages 11 to 14 and for students that want to discover learning styles, develop skills for managing a heavier academic schedule, and learn how to deal with peer pressure.

The senior forum is for ages 14 to 18 where they are learn study skills, managing stress in school, leadership and increasing test scores. The programme is Sh45,000.


Sauti Academy

The Sauti ya Vijana holiday programme is designed especially for teenagers in Form One to Form Four (or equivalent GCSE/IS/IB), who have a passion in music.

From August 3-7, Sauti Academy will offer voice lessons as well as teach the teenagers about life skills such as better communication, working with others, self-confidence and self-expression.

The morning sessions will focus on voice technique, music interpretation and performance coaching.

In the afternoon sessions, the children and teens will sing in a pop-choir. At the end of the week, there will be a performance for all participants and parents can attend.

The costs range from Sh5,000 to Sh11,500.

Little Peacocks

This is a mini-art camp which will be held twice daily for three to 13-year-olds. The morning mini-camps are Sh2,500 daily for the three hours or a discounted rate of Sh11,000 for a five-day package.

Afternoon sessions will be Sh1,700 daily for two hours or a discounted rate of Sh7,500 for a five-day package rate paid in advance.

Sadili Sports Camp

For those with children who love basketball, the EA Safari Basketball Camp will run from August 24-28.

Top coaches from Africa, Europe and USA will attend. Entry fee is Sh5,000 per player and Sh1,000 per coach. Full boarding facilities are available.

Safari Junior Soccer Camp

For the children who love playing football, Safari Junior Soccer Camp runs from August 24-28.

Qualified Fifa–trained coaches will be in attendance and this will be the opportunity to meet some of Kenya’s stars. It will cost Sh3,000 per participant for full camp.

East Africa Safari Junior Tennis Camp

For those with children who love tennis, the tennis camp will run from August 3-14. The camp for six years to 18 years will include high performance training for tournament players.

Top coaches from Africa, Europe and USA and Japan will attend. Entry fee is Sh5,000 per week or Sh9,000 for the two weeks.


A number of clubs will be offering swimming lessons from introduction to water skills, fundamental aquatic skills, stroke development, stroke improvement to stroke refinement. Costs range from Sh3,000 per person per week.

Robot Camp

Children will get a chance to meet technology experts, be creative with computers and work with others to build a working robot that they will take home. The camp charges Sh15,000.

This article was first published in the Business Daily.