Herder killed as raiders steal over 160 goats in Igembe


A herder was on Wednesday killed and more than 160 goats stolen by raiders in Igembe North, Meru County.

Igembe North police boss Peter Kimani, who confirmed the incident, also warned criminals terrorising herders by taking advantage of the ongoing standoff between Borana and Meru communities of stern action.

In the latest incident, three armed cattle rustlers raided a home in Malaene and shot dead a herder before driving away the more than 160 goats.

Mr Kimani said efforts to trace the animals were underway although they were being hampered by the ongoing heavy rains in the region.

He said there was a gang comprising Meru and Borana rustlers who were taking advantage of the current misunderstandings between the two communities to steal the animals which they later sell in different markets.

“We have the names of the three main suspects from the Meru community who were former herders in Malaene area.

“Two of them are from Mutuati and reside in Kulamawe and the other one is from Kathocine.

“We are, however, zeroing in on them and we are sure we will get them very soon,” he said.


He said the suspects were contributing to insecurity in the area and they will not be allowed to continue with their activities.

“When such people attack and move away with animals from the Meru people, it will be thought that they are the Boranas who are doing it and vice versa.

“This is raising tensions between the two communities for no reason,” he said.

Athiru Rujine Member of County Assembly Julius Kabira told the Nation by phone that the situation in the area was “disturbing as animals were disappearing every day.”

He called on police to deploy more officers to intensify patrols.

“Our people are being impoverished every day and this is not fair.

“Let those who are mandated with security matters take appropriate measures that will safeguard our people’s lives as well as their property,” he said.

The body of the deceased was removed to Maua Methodist Hospital mortuary.