Group wants politicians banned from church fund raisers


Religious have been asked to ban politicians from presiding over fundraisings in their places of worship.

Ufungamano Joint Forum of Religious Organisations (UJFRO) says the habit of inviting politicians as guests of honour during funds drives undermines the war against corruption.

Speaking during a press conference at Ufungamano House in Nairobi, members of the organisation who included Mr Rashmin Chitnis, Bishop Boniface Adoyo, Reverend John Webere of the Friends Church and UJFRO secretary Mr Charles Wambugu, said the ban, if implemented, would be a bold step in the fight against graft.

“Religious organisations unwittingly contribute to corruption when they invite politicians, whom they expect to come with big contributions, to officiate in their harambees as guests of honour. This expectation puts the politicians under undue pressure to engage in corruption,” said Mr Chitnis.

“Ufungamano appeals to its members and the religious sector in general to recognise this problem and stop involving politicians as special guests in harambees. This would be a bold step in the fight against corruption,” he added.