Grass to grace: Jimw@t hopes to regain former glory


A near-fatal road accident two years ago almost saw an end to Jimw@t’s fledgling music career and forced him to take a six month break to recover. Before this, he had successfully battled alcohol addiction and was keen on picking up his music career where he had left off.

The artiste, whose real name is James Wathigo Mburu, is best known for “Sitoi Kitu Kidogo” and “Under 18” before his career took a nosedive owing to his battle with alcohol, the singer is slowly but surely trying to make his mark again in the music scene and

if the success of his latest single “On My Way” is anything to go by, then he is well on his way to regain fame.

“Last year I launched, “Tamu Sana” in collaboration with upcoming gospel artiste, Jedidah. The song was closely followed by “Tunazubaa”, which featured upcoming artiste, P-chwani. This year I released “On My Way”, a song that briefly gives a glimpse of my music career,” he says.

Jimwa@t still thrives to change the message in his latest work, a diversion from his earlier music that was dominated by lyrics about partying, women and alcohol.

“Some would argue that some of my latest hits for instance “Tunazubaa” hasn’t quite passed this test, but I realised that change doesn’t have to be so drastic. If you get a chance to listen to my mix tape you’ll notice that though some songs do contain such sentiments, there is a huge change,” he explains.


He insists that he is a changed man and he has taken a completely different path in life.

“In the height of my fame, I had so many friends, most of them who turned out to be fake. My main focus for now is family and the few close friends I have,” he adds.

Apart from being in music, Jimwa@t has found new inspiration through helping other youths facing the same addiction through his latest project, Jimwat Addiction and Recovery Foundation, which he launched last year.

“As a former alcoholic, I saw this as a great opportunity to help other young people not just facing alcoholism but also drugs,” he adds.

Together with other organisations like the Kenya Red Cross, they have been able to tour various learning institutions offering the same piece of advice.

“Last month we had a show called Badilisha Mtaa where we had a chance to speak to some youths of the Eastlands area of Nairobi,” he adds.