Graduation ceremony halted after heavy downpour

Heavy rains interrupted Karatina University’s graduation ceremony leading to a stop in live streaming and a cancellation of the event.

The rains, which began during the acknowledgment of graduates, forced some participants to remove their shoes and stand on the chairs avoiding the flooded grounds.

The university’s Director of Academic Functions Wangari Gathuthi called for calmness as they waited for the rains to subside.

Additionally, there was fear that some who had their legs submerged in the water might be electrocuted.

Interestingly, a police band present, with their legs raised above the flooded area, still managed to entertained the guests.

At the same time, students were not the only ones nursing their disappointment, flower vendors lost business since people only focused on rushing home to avoid being caught up by the rains again, which led to a snarl-up on Kagocho-Karatina road.

The university is located 15 kilometres from Karatina town