Govt proposes premix concrete for storied buildings


The National Construction Authority (NCA) has proposed that construction works for buildings above three floors be done using pre-mixed concrete delivered on site by licensed subcontractors.

NCA’s Buildings Inspectorate Secretary Moses Nyakiongora said they had also proposed that no onsite mixtures would be condoned.

The move is aimed at reversing the trend where houses have been collapsing due to use of poor quality materials and poor workmanship.

The quantity surveyor spoke when he witnessed the launch of a Sh15 million mobile testing laboratory by Bamburi Cement that will help contractors at sites using Bamburi products ascertain quality of sand and aggregates before mixing.

Mr Nyakiongora said the proposal had received unanimous support from all players after initial findings showed that most buildings collapsed due to poor materials and lack of testing for the concrete mixture.


He said builders were compromising on the required procedure of curing concrete slabs so as to save on costs.

Bamburi Cement’s Managing Director Bruno Pescheux said the mobile testing laboratory was its contribution in supporting government efforts to improve quality of all buildings under construction.

He said Bamburi had trained 1,600 masons this year

“Use of quality materials in construction is essential if the finished buildings is to give the investor quality for their money and ensure safety to the building’s occupants.

“Our customers will benefit from onsite quality testing services that will ensure they get it right from the start,” he said.