Governors fault e-procurement system rollout

Governors have asked the Treasury to halt the implementation of the e-procurement system in the counties.

Through their lobby, the Council of Governors, the county chiefs said their officers were not conversant with the system and should be trained before its roll-out.

“It would be redundant to introduce an extremely innovative system and fail to train the persons who will operate this system on a day to day basis,” said Council of Governors chairman Peter Munya on Thursday.

He added that they have agreed with the Commission on Revenue Allocation that it shall convene a meeting for this training.

“It is on this premise that we ask the National Treasury to hold the rolling out of the e-procurement system,” Mr Munya added.

The e-procurement system is a component of a unified government financial system — the Integrated Financial Management Information System — that was adopted in 1995 as the sole accounting system for public expenditure.

Its implementation is supposed to help the government close loopholes that are used by corrupt officials to siphon public funds during procurement.