Garissa town gunfight ends, terror suspect held

gaPolice have managed to overpower a terror suspect who had grabbed a police rifle and started firing indiscriminately.

The suspect who was being interrogated earlier on Tuesday snatched the rifle, ran away before turning the barrel towards the officers. He triggered a heavy gunfight against the police paralysing business in the town and sending shockwaves on social media.

Regional Coordinator Mohamud Saleh told that the suspect who was being interrogated by police officers grabbed a riffle from one of the officers and ran away with it while firing at them, there was heavy exchange of gun fire.

Business in the famous suk mukdi (black market)ame to a stand still as traders hurriedly closed business to run for their safety.

No one was injured

“There is total confusion everywhere people are closing their businesses and running to different directions while there is heavy gun fire, we don’t know what is happening,” Leila Mohamud, a stall owner in the infamous market said.

However the regional coordinator confirmed that the suspect was re-arrested and taken to police custody for more interrogation adding that no one was injured including the suspect criminal himself.

“We urge Garissa resident to continue with the business we at the same time appealed to cooperate with police to provide information to ensure Garissa is safe from terrorist,” he said.

On April second, terrorists stormed Garissa University in Garissa Town killing 148 students and employees.