French single malt scotch to sell in Nairobi

Alcoholic beverages maker Pernod Ricard has introduced a new whiskey to tap into Kenya’s growing market for imported spirits.

Pernod Ricard introduced the Glenlivet Founders Reserve, a single-malt scotch, at a time spirits marketers are faring better than their beer competitors. Data from the Scotch Whisky Association shows that Kenyans downed scotch worth Sh480 million in 2014, a 62 per cent increase from Sh296 million that was consumed a year earlier.

The France-based distiller said Glenlivet is the fastest selling brand in its whiskey portfolio.

“The Glenlivet has been the biggest contributor to the growth of the single-malt Scotch whisky category in the last five years and, in September 2014, reached the impressive milestone of one million case sales per annum,” said the company in a statement.
Pernod Ricard’s other whiskey brands include Ballantines Finest and Chivas 12.