Former President Mwai Kibaki urges Jubilee to listen to the Opposition


Former President Mwai Kibaki has challenged the government to learn the art of listening to the Opposition.

Speaking Friday during the burial of Othaya MP Mary Wambui’s sister Anne Wakarima Wambugu in Gatugi in Othaya, Nyeri County, Mr Kibaki said people should learn how to listen to each other.

“Even that person who does not like you, just listen to him. He might say a word which might be of help to you,” said Mr Kibaki.

Mr Kibaki was apparently responding to an appeal by Juja MP Francis Munyua Waititu, who had requested the former president to give the government advice on how he used to deal with the Opposition when he was in power.

“It is good to recognise the work President Kibaki did. As MPs we shall be consulting you for advice.

“There is something in this man that God has given him,” said Mr Waititu.


Mr Kibaki urged the gathering to pray for those who were not serving the country diligently.

“This is how we shall even earn blessings. As Kenyans, we must fully commit ourselves to God and ask him to help us and listen to our prayers,” said the former President.

Mr Waititu noted that Mr Kibaki did not say much when he was president but he did his work well, adding that there seemed to be no such people in the current regime.

“Mzee Kibaki had that gift of being silent. When we keep quiet we are being abused from morning to evening, and that is why we have agreed as MPs that we shall be consulting him on how to deal with such matters,” said Mr Waititu.

Othaya MP Mary Wambui said Kenyans should appreciate the role women play in various sectors and urged opposition leaders to give those in power a chance to serve the country.

Ms Wambui said her sister was always close to the former president and hence Mr Kibaki had lost a sister.

“Former President Kibaki is part of our family. My late sister used to campaign for him.

“I know the former president now feels pained by the loss of a sister,” said Ms Wambui.

Nyeri Senator Mutahi Kagwe urged leaders from the county to stop the current infighting for the sake of development.

“We are supposed to work together so that Nyeri can prosper,” said Mr Kagwe.