Firm launches app for agricultural jobs


Graduates in agriculture-based courses now have a short text-based service they can use to search for jobs across Kenya.

Duma Works, an online and SMS-based recruiting platform launched in 2012 in Kenya announced that on Tuesday it would begin offering its affordable, quality hiring and employment package for the rapidly expanding agribusiness sector.

Through the platform, graduates will be linked to employers in the agriculture supplies and seed subsectors.

“This effort began with a mutual desire to ensure employers in the agriculture and seed sector have access to the tools they need to hire the right human capital and grow their businesses,” said Duma Works founder Arielle Sandor.


The service, supported by a consultancy firm Agri Experience and sponsored by Kenya Markets Trust, seeks to attract agricultural experts to rural enterprises keen on providing relevant advice on suitable seeds suitable for various conditions to farmers thereby enhancing production.

“These small rural agribusinesses across Kenya are the lifeline for farmers and as Kenya’s agriculture sector grows, they need to be staffed by employees who have a deep knowledge of the seeds and other inputs farmers need,” said Ms Aline O’Connor of Agri Experience.

Agriculture is the mainstay of Kenya’s economy and it is the largest employer, accounting for 60 per cent of total employment.

Ms Sandor added that Kenya stood to gain immensely once agribusinesses grow with farmers engaging in commercial agriculture on individual farms.