Fire razes Molo potato plant


Molo Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) potato plant was on Tuesday night razed to ashes.

A fierce fire burnt down the plant, one of the largest research industries in Kenya dealing with production of potato seed varieties, causing destruction of property of unknown value.

An electric fault is suspected to have caused the 10.00 pm inferno after an eagle perched on a naked electric wire and got electrocuted.

An eyewitness, a motorist, who was passing by at the time of the incident said he heard a loud bang near the plant followed by a huge fire.

He watched in disbelief as the eagle which was perched on a transformer got electrocuted as the fierce fire started on the other side of the potato plant.

“At first I thought it was robbery after I heard the bang but after a while I could see flickers on a nearby transformer with an eagle drying up,” he said.

Police dispersed residents who had rushed to the scene, keeping an eye on the property as looters were said to be ready to attack.

Fire fighters from Timsales company who arrived later to put out the fire ran out of water as the fire continued to raze down the structures.

Poor disaster preparedness in Molo was blamed for the damage suffered with residents saying that there was enough time to rescue the property that was destroyed.

“We raised an alarm 30 minutes before the fire started spreading but nothing much was done by the concerned parties who joined us to watch the fire in despair as it caused massive destruction,” a resident Mr Njenga Matendo said.