Film brings reality of child trafficking closer to home


Many media outlets have this year been bringing the reality of refugees, immigrants and human trafficking to the global audience.

Now, Nameeta Jamal, 34, has generated a cast of assistants to actualise relevant silver screen material in The Unprotected — a compelling depiction of child trafficking.

The feature film (PG13) was launched at Junction Fox Complex, Nairobi, yesterday. It is a strong rendition of the plight of desperate people.

A seasoned movie buff, Nameeta has a thorough understanding of the intricacies of child trafficking, microscopically covering many angles. After graduating from Vancouver Film School, she quickly established herself with celluloid — boasting a TV series and a theatre in Dubai.

Nameeta’s mantra of honesty, seizing each moment, sport and a love for animals, suits her admirably. Idyll, Fluffy, and, Chiku keep her grounded, while intensely preparing this absorbing film with Chisel, Chris, and other activists.

Uphill struggles, learning whom to trust, and demanding schedules have finally thrust Leela Productions in the right direction.


Following the death of father Diamond, to whom ‘The Unprotected’ is dedicated, Nameeta was determined to create a purposeful production. Together with Mother Sadhana, she visited Restart Africa, a rescue centre started by British teacher Mary Coulson, which has a branch in Gilgil.

This enabled her to gain a solid grip on the tumultuous subject.

Working with a scriptwriter, Nameeta auditioned for actors at the Kenya National Theatre, with Fox Enterprise offering financial support. Late nights of proof-reading, adaptation and composition means the presentation is authoritative and ready to sensitise governments worldwide.

Nameeta interviewed many residents of Kibera slums, and the children at Restart Africa. The film brings many despicable crimes to the fore which are depicted in The Unprotected.

British teacher Mary Coulson’s Restart Africa venture, began in 2007, when she was disturbed by the escalation of street children without shelter. Providing refuge for those desperately in need, abandoned, orphaned, or trafficked, Mary has a smart new premises in Langalanga, 4km from Gilgil. It has expanded to above 120 children — secure, educated, loved and, stable. Funded entirely by donations, Restart took two years to build.

Nameeta interviewed many of the residents there, and those in Kibera slums. Despicable crimes were brought to the fore, which are depicted in ‘The Unprotected’.