FEEDBACK: Yes! We urgently need a dating school for singles

Karimi’s article last week was spot on – we do need a dating school for singles. I listen with chagrin as my younger female cousins talk about their dating experiences.

There is always that inevitable line, “He came over to my place,” or “I went over to his place”. Today’s men do not have to pay for the milk, the cow freely gives it!

The young men don’t have to go the whole mile in the dating game since the women do not demand it, in fact, they are the ones who volunteer to spend time in the man’s house.

When a man used to women who give little or no resistance meets a woman with different dating demands, he either man’s up or takes off! So, from one dinosaur to another, I feel you Karimi, I would sign up for your side hustle in a heartbeat!

Sonia Gakuru

Karimi, in reference to your article last week, I have some bad and good news. Firstly, I am sorry to inform you that you are indeed a dinosaur, but on the bright side, you aren’t the only one, because I am one too!

I have observed with consternation as young men (and women) berate peers who go for coffee dates (derisively referring to them as ‘watu wa Java’).

All the ‘getting to know’ is on Facebook and WhatsApp. The physical meeting is just to confirm that they indeed look like their online profile picture and selfies, which formed the entire basis of attraction.

We have a problem, but thank God for people like you who keep reminding us of these simple sensibilities.


I agree with Lilian, Karimi’s friend; most men invite you to their houses or ask you to spend a weekend with them before even taking you out for a lunch or coffee.

A man can even ask you to bear him a child after a month of meeting. Single men need urgent coaching. Thank you for addressing this topic.


I agree with you that we men need to learn some skills about dating. I suspect that it is my lack of skills that has cost me a couple of good women I could have settled down with. I am already 30 years old and I need to settle down soon. Consider me your first student should you start this dating school.


I love Wife Speak, it is educative, informative and very humorous. I find myself re-reading past articles. I am in my sixth year of marriage with two children, and find the advice you give very practical. I agree with you that marriage is worth it, and despite its ups and downs, it is still worth every coin. Keep up the good work.

Pamela Kathure

I found last week’s main feature, ‘From a street child to a manager’, by Rose Odengo, very inspiring. When people see these children begging, sniffing glue and scavenging for food in bins, they see no hope in them.

The society needs to know that some of them are in the streets due to poverty and mistreatment from their parents.

Kariuki’s story is proof that these children are human beings with feelings and needs, and if given a chance, they can turn their lives around for better. I would also like to congratulate all those who embrace and take care of these children.

Lydiah Nyambura