Fast food on the go


Chicken Inn opened a drive-through branch in October. It is located between The Junction (shopping mall) and Brew Bistro on Ngong Road. Part of the South African Innscor franchise, it is the second drive-through after the one that was opened by KFC on Mombasa Road last year.

The concept of drive-throughs originated in the US in the 1940s to accommodate motorists who were hungry but had no time to stop and sit down for a meal.

In Nairobi’s fast-paced culture, it is normal to see people eating while standing in fast food joints, while others buy take-away to eat in their cars. Unlike in overseas’ drive-throughs, Chicken Inn gives precedence to personalised face-to-face service.

In contrast, in Western countries, you speak through an intercom while reading choices from a prominently displayed menu.

Here in Kenya, you drive your vehicle to the window, where a cashier greets you and answers any questions you might have regarding the food choices and the process. You place your order and pay, then drive forward to another window where you collect your food from a different employee.


To get curious Nairobians to try them out, they recently held some special offers. We went in response to a flyer that advertised four pieces of chicken with fries and a soda for only Sh300.

Unfortunately when we got there the deal had expired, so we ordered the two-piecer chicken meal with fries for that price. Chicken Inn serve either breaded or rotisserie chicken. You can select from the spicy or regular.

The portions are large enough to satisfy you, and the chicken is tasty and fresh. The food seems hygienically prepared. Their charges are similar to certain other places which feature rancid oil and shriveled fries with black dots.

Chicken Inn also serves beef and chicken burgers, and chicken bitez (similar to chicken nuggets).

Our experience was seamless – the cashier and server were pleasant and fast, and the food came out quickly. The packaging was attractive and practical, and we enjoyed our meals.

Our total bill for two including a drink was Sh700. This was a reasonably-priced quick alternative to regular fast food dining. The menu is family-friendly in that it features kid’s meals including juices as opposed to sodas.


Service – 4/5

Ambiance – 3.5/5

Food- 3.5/5

Hygiene – 4/5

Value – 4.5/5

Family-friendliness – 4/5