Experts meet in Nairobi over cybersecurity


The Africahackon conference on cybersecurity is set to kick off Friday morning at one of Nairobi’s most vibrant startup incubation labs, IHub.

Facilitated by experts in the cybersecurity domain, the platform brings together people from across the board to gain specialized insights on how to tackle the global cybersecurity challenge traceable to the adoption of the Internet for running the economy.

Africahackon is a brainchild of Euclid Consultancy, a local company specializing in offering cyber security defensive and offensive services in the whole of East Africa.

Being the second since its launch last year, the one day event also aims to motivate and challenge the young talented minds to take up careers in ICT.

Expected to speak at the function will be Professor Bitange Ndemo, a business lecturer at the University of Nairobi and former Permanent Secretary Ministry for Information and Communication, as well as Anthony Gachanja from Safaricom.