Ethuro: Lawmakers to help fight vice


Parliament will play its part in ensuring that an enabling legal framework is put in place to help fight corruption, Senate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro has said.

“As Parliament, we want to join this initiative and perform our constitutional duty without fear or favour,” said Mr Ethuro.

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga said the Judiciary will set up special courts to expeditiously deal with cases involving corruption and related crimes.

He added that magistrates and judges who will serve in the courts would be thoroughly vetted.

The CJ said although the Constitution decrees independence of the three arms of Government, it also says in times of crises and emergencies, they collapse into one to jointly tackle issues of national interest.

He said under the structure of the National Council of the Administration of Justice, investigators, prosecutors and the Judiciary would ensure efficiency in administering justice in corruption cases.

Meru County Governor Peter Munya, Chairman of the Council of Governors, and Private Sector Alliance Chairman Dennis Awori pledged to support the war on corruption, saying there is need for all Kenyans to be involved.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said the private sector must play its role in the war on corruption.

He said 70 per cent of the corruption in the country is in the procurement departments, which do business with the private sector.

“Procurement departments involve none other than the private sector because Government does not do business with itself. It does business with the private sector,” said the President.