Estuary, beautiful park and the Indian Ocean: Kilifi is magical


You have just arrived in Kilifi town for an appointment at 2pm. The scorching sun is unbearable. The decibels by young men touting for passengers at the Kilifi bus stage is not making things any easier.

But there is a bright side to Kilifi town. Just take a 10-minute walk from the town centre to Mazingira Park.

Formerly under the management of the Environment and Natural Resources ministry, Mazingira Park is now run by the Kilifi County Government.

At the park, grab the chance to see nature at work.

The afternoon tide welcomes you as fishermen and boat riders from the Kilifi bridge cross over to the sea.

Mohamed Rajab, a Mtwapa resident, is relaxing under a huge baobab tree at the centre of the park.

It is his first time here and he has already fallen in love with the place and he will definitely come back.

“I have been to several places but this park beats them all. The serenity is unbeatable, what with the park sloping onto the sea.” he exclaims.

As I speak to Rajab, Jackson Mwakizia arrives on a motorcycle.

He has been frequenting this park for the past five years.

“Every afternoon I usually come and relax for 45 minutes before going for an afternoon church service at the Anglican Church,” he says.

The church, one of the oldest in Kilifi town, is 300 meters from the park.

“Hardly can you hear a person has been robbed or terrorised in this park. You can come and take a nap away from the noise of the town.

“Afterwards, you can follow a path down to the sea and catch the evening breeze,” he says.

Tourists en route to the Kilifi beaches relax to sample the beauty of the Indian Ocean from the park.

Sandwiched between the County commissioner’s residence and other upcoming residential houses, Mazingira Park provides an ideal place for families to relax and enjoy the day.

Boasting ruins, some more than five centuries old, Kilifi is history in motion.