Environment CS launches Kenya’s natural wealth atlas


Environment and Natural Resources Cabinet Secretary Judi Wakhungu on Tuesday launched an atlas detailing distribution of natural resources in the country.

The Kenya’s Natural Capital atlas will assist in proper planning and exploitation of the natural endowments by the national and county governments.

The publication adds on to a list of documents that the ministry will use to gather credible and policy data and information for decision-making.


“Sustainable utilisation of natural resources has a great potential to propel this country’s economic development,” she said during the launch at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nairobi.

Unlike previous such publications that specifically addressed issues on the changing environment and wetlands, the new atlas has compiled all the resources available in the country into the 119 pages book.

Principal Secretary Richard Lesiyampe said: “The 2013-2015 Strategic Plan of the ministry acknowledges that there is a lack of appreciation and reflection of the true value of the country’s natural capital.”