Ensure credibility of KCPE examination

The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations, which start on Tuesday, are a key academic milestone for more than 900,000 candidates seeking to enter the secondary school cycle.

With the rehearsals starting tomorrow, the minimum of eight years spent in school will be put to the test in the following few days.

As reported elsewhere in this newspaper, the Kenya National Examinations Council has given assurances that proper preparations are in place to ensure everything goes according to plan.

This is particularly important after the bungled administration of the recently-concluded Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination.

In one of the worst years for the education sector — coming after a protracted teachers’ strike — examination questions appeared to have been easily available in online platforms long before they were scheduled to be given to candidates.

Even though they downplayed the extent of the leakages, we hope that the examinations council and the Education ministry have learnt important lessons and will ensure the credibility of KCPE examination does not suffer a similar fate.

It is the responsibility of the authorities, including supervisors and invigilators given this important task, to ensure that no candidate gains unfair advantage over others.

May we wish all the KCPE candidates success in their examinations.