EDITORIAL: TA has been a big let down

Of all the commissions and independent agencies that were created to help usher in the 2010 Constitution, none has been as colourless, toothless and as ineffective as the Transition Authority (TA).

Given where the country was coming from — a monolithic and centrally controlled government — to the devolved system that came in with the establishment of county governments, this was to be the institution that was to midwife the counties.

Its task was clearly defined in the Constitution and its mandate provided for in law.

Orderly transfer

At the top of the TA’s mandate was to ensure a smooth and orderly transfer to the counties of all the devolved functions as defined in the Constitution.

To do that effectively, the agency was expected to be the neutral arbiter between the formerly all powerful national government and the young but fragile counties.

It was expected to identify assets that were formerly owned by local authorities and the national government and ensure their smooth transfer to the county governments.

But alas! It has done none of that. Less than three months to the end of its mandate, the national government has continued to cling to the most lucrative segments of the devolved functions and the TA has not even completed the job of finding and valuing assets that need to be transferred.

As its tenure comes to an end, the TA goes down as the agency that was the biggest let down of all the agencies we created in the new laws.