EDITORIAL: Science plan welcome

Reports that global technology giant IBM will train more than 3,700 teachers from January in the use of information technology to boost interest in sciences is long overdue.

The programme aims to replace the current heavy reliance on text books with the use of computers and practicals in learning.

Learners will now be expected to generate practical solutions to everyday problems using science, technology, engineering and mathematical models.

The Teachers Try Science project in primary and secondary schools is being championed by the Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa in collaboration with IBM.

We support the programme as it will equip students with skills that are relevant in the job market.

Given that Kenya aims to achieve its Vision 2030 development blueprint goals, increasing the focus on Science based courses is the way to go.

Currently, too many Arts graduates are being churned out by local universities annually only to increase the unemployment ranks.

The country needs to intensify the focus on Science-based courses hence the IBM programme is one positive way of attaining these goals.