EDITORIAL: Nkaissery must respect law

Interior minister Joseph Nkaissery is the epitome of what happens when people with retrogressive mindsets are put in charge of progressive societies.

His unconstitutional and illegal outbursts on Tuesday that led to the arrest of a journalist, far from serving whatever objective he intended, only came to state one clear fact.

That he, who is for the time being in charge of law enforcement in the country, has not cared to read and understand the very the law whose enforcement he oversees.

Since his appointment to the docket, the CS has shown in his pronouncements and actions that he is a chip from the old block, who is operating in some illusionary world where senior public officials exercise absolute power and lord it over ordinary citizens by fiat.

His is a hubris that not only portrays a gross lack of understanding of law, but also a dire failure of mind shift that is required to live within the boundaries set by our constitution.

Take his outburst that any journalists writing unsubstantiated story will be arrested and made to fry alone, for instance.

One wonders whether the minister understands the law under which journalists report parliamentary proceedings nor even laws that already exist to ensure journalists do not carelessly damage other people’s reputation.

We are hard-pressed to tell Mr Nkaissery that should he find the task of exercising state power within the confines of the Constitution too burdensome, the honourable thing to do would be to just ship out instead of dragging the entire government through the mud.

There is no room for dictatorship in the modern Kenya anymore.