EDITORIAL: Clean up Kenya football mess

Kenya has yet again been embarrassed thoroughly on the football front, losing a crucial match after winning the home game. For a country that is football-mad, the management of the game has been a source of low national esteem and depressed mood.

While the Federation of Kenya Football (FKF) officials are blaming the Sports ministry for delays in releasing the funds to fly Harambee Stars to Cape Verde, the public is less interested in the blame game but in the debacle.

You do not land a team less than three hours before the kickoff, after a nine hour flight, and expect anything better than a 2-0 thumping.

There must be a problem with the system and the government must address its side while we expect the upcoming elections at FKF to root out the entrenched mediocrity, which is hopefully what FIFA will do to its system where Kenya is just a mirror of the international morass.

The questioning of FKE president Sam Nyamweya by the security agencies is a good start for the government. But it needs to look at its own side of the rot and address it as well. And as the FIFA cartels are scattered, we need to do our home cleanup too.