EDITORIAL: Avoid double standards

The impact of travel aisories issued by Western governments following terrorist attacks in Kenya can be clearly seen in new data that the coastal resort city of Mombasa experienced the biggest drop in foreign visitor arrivals in the year to September compared to the rest of the country.

According to official data, the number of international visitors arriving at Moi International Airport in Mombasa decreased to 53,084 between January and September from 94,750 a similar period last year, a 43 per cent drop.

Foreign visitor arrivals to Kenya fell 16.9 per cent to 555,795. In 2011, the country received 931,607 foreign visitors. We believe that it is high time the Western countries which are a our high tourist source markets realised that terrorism is a global problem that must be tackled through a common front.

Why are some Western governments quick to issue travel aisories when terrorist attacks occur in Kenya but when the same occurs in their region, like Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris where more than 130 people were killed, there is no mention of similar aisories being issued.

The tourism sector is a very sensitive sector hence the need to avoid issuing hasty travel aisories that only hamper the sector’s growth and leads to job losses and declining revenues to the taxman.