Dumping of bodies on the rise in Nyeri


Killers are preferring to dump bodies of their victims in Nyeri County, central Kenya crime reports show.

In two months, a total of 12 bodies have been found in the devolved unit, the highest among of all the counties in the region, if not nationally.

In the last one week, four bodies were found dumped in bushy areas in the county, three of them with gunshot wounds on the head.

The three were found in Tagwa, part of Mount Kenya Forest, while the fourth was found in Gamerock near Nyeri Town.

Two months ago, eight bodies were found dumped in various areas in the devolved unit. The body of a civil servant was found in a dam a month ago.

Police said for a county with no conflict, the number is too high.

Officers said in all cases, the victims were taken from other areas before being killed and their bodies dumped in Nyeri.

So what makes the county a favourite dumping ground for killers?

Police said the county’s terrain, its position as a transit hub and docility of residents are contributory factors.

The officers’ inability to sometimes solve the crimes has worsened the situation.

According to a 2013 survey by the Government, Nyeri leads nationally with 38.5 per cent forest cover, followed by Kirinyaga with 20.6 per cent and Nyandarua 18.4 per cent.

The county is surrounded by the Mt Kenya and Aberdares forests, and their offshoots such as Ragati, Tagwa and Chinga forests.

Nyeri County Police Commander Eunice Kihiko said: “Nyeri is very forested and the criminals are taking advantage of that to hide the bodies. We have, however, made substantial progress in the cases.”

She said Nyeri County is a central point, with many routes leading to other devolved units. He added that the killers were also taking advantage of this to flee.

From Nyeri, it is easy to have access to Laikipia, Kirinyaga, Murang’a and Nyandarua.

“It appears the crimes were committed elsewhere, and the assailants just dumped the bodies in Nyeri,” added the police boss.

Police are having a difficult time as they try to solve the crimes, which sometimes involve working with other stations outside Nyeri.

For instance, three people were arrested in Ruiru for the killing of three people whose bodies were found in Nyeri.