Dru Hill ‘Plot’ well worth the cost

By: Ciku Muiruri

Now this is how to celebrate a birthday in style. Picture this: Flying in an international act for a ’90s themed party that brings the house down. Can it be done? Does anyone have the chutzpah?

As luck would have it, yes. Property Reality Company (PRC) flew in one of the biggest acts of the ’90s, Dru Hill, to celebrate its fifth birthday.

Seeing as the company in question deals in property, they called the musical extravaganza “The Plot”, a clever double entendre to urban ’90s slang, when one wanted to go on the rave. “What’s the plot?” or “Where’s the plot?” we would ask.

I got an invite to the exclusive cocktail party on Friday at Sankara to meet Dru Hill and that’s when my experience with “The Plot” officially began.

PRC went all out. Drinks were on the house. They fed us with endless bitings that included salmon and the like. Dru Hill mingled freely with everyone and I got a nice big bear hug from Sisqo – year made. Sheila Mwanyigha, Sanapei Tande and Talia Oyando were some of the celebrities there.

The next day was concert day but first I had to get the very important business of rugby and football out of the way. I watched All Blacks muscle their way into the final with a pulsating defeat of the Springboks and thereafter a sterling performance by Arsenal.

Those games put me in a good mood and I was suitably mellow by the time I checked into Carnivore. The set up was really good, with the VVIP section decked out in white leather and the food again, flowing freely. Prawns, drumsticks, mishkaki, name it, all night long.

To get us into the ’90s mood, DJ Adrian and DJ Pinye (Best DJ ever!) played tracks from that decade. Pinye used to regularly spin at New Jack swing back in the day so this was right up his alley.

The crowd was happily singing along to tune after tune. I once asked Pinye how he manages to look so young; I swear this guy looks exactly like he did 20 years ago. His secret, he says, is a daily swim. He does laps for an hour every morning. The swimming pool, I guess, is the elixir of life.


The ever-youthful looking DJ was getting us all psyched up, effectively tag teaming with Maina Kageni, the MC, who also did a great job getting the crowd pumped up.

The opening acts were pretty awesome (but did I spot some lip synching from you, Nameless?). Necessary Noise kicked things off with both Wyre and Nazizi also performing solo.

Nazizi has lost a tonne of weight and is looking great but she was dressed like she was watching movies at home and had ducked into the store to buy some milk. Honey, glam it up; learn from Nameless.

Next up was the King himself, with Mr Lenny at some point joining him. Then there was the infallible Wahu and Nameless (lip synching or not my favourite of the night) returned to finish it off. They all performed for pretty long and I must say the opening acts were a concert in themselves.

Entertainment wise, this gig was real value for money.

By: the time Dru Hill came on stage, everyone was on a high. They did not disappoint. Sisqo of course, did a solo bit with his big hits that brought the house down.

I would definitely say that after James Ingram (you can never beat a live band!), this was my second favourite concert in Nairobi. Good job to all the organisers and happy birthday PRC!

Please do this every year! It was a serious plot.