Drought leaves many hungry in Mozambique

At least 15,000 people were at a risk of starvation due to prolonged drought in Mozambique, local media reported.
The O País daily reported Thursday that Chigubo District in Gaza Province was the worst affected.
The paper said some 3,000 families in Chigubo were surviving on one meal per day.
Chigubo District, reported the O País daily, had not received any rains since December last year.
Food insecurity
The district authorities reported in September that some 13,000 people were affected by hunger due to the prolonged drought.
An earlier survey by the National Institute of Disaster Management (INGC) indicated that the drought in southern Mozambique was affecting 135,000 people and causing acute food insecurity.
“A survey we conducted found that the situation is most critical in Gaza and Inhambane provinces, with 138,000 people affected,” said INGC spokesman Rita Almeida.