DPP Keriako Tobiko wants Mercy Keino death inquest reopened


Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko wants an inquest into the mysterious death of university student Mercy Keino reopened.

The DPP told the court on Tuesday that crucial evidence was tampered with, prompting the need to reopen the inquest.

The magistrate will rule on the matter on November 11.

The hearing of the inquest into the death of the University of Nairobi student had concluded.

Ms Keino’s disfigured body was discovered on Waiyaki Way two years ago after she attended a party hosted by Kiambu Governor William Kabogo at the Wasini Luxury Suites in Nairobi.

Several witnesses testified, among them Mr Kabogo. The governor was adversely mentioned and was alleged to have slapped Ms Keino before she stormed out of the party and was later found dead on the side of a road.

Mr Kabogo, in his testimony, denied assaulting Ms Keino, saying he did not understand why some witnesses had claimed he assaulted the young woman.

He added that the idea of bringing up his name was politically motivated.

Mr Kabogo said although he got annoyed at Ms Keino’s misbehaviour after she became drunk, he did not assault her and only held her on the shoulders before asking her friend to take her away.

The chief government pathologist, Dr Johansen Oduor, who conducted an autopsy on the body, testified that it was difficult to determine what killed Ms Keino because of the multiple fractures she had.

According to Dr Oduor, the autopsy could not ascertain whether Ms Keino was killed elsewhere and her body dumped on the road or whether she was hit and run over by a vehicle.

The DPP had ordered a public inquest into her death after police investigations failed to establish the truth behind her mysterious death.