Do you remember your first kiss?


Do you remember your fist kiss? Was it something straight out of a romantic movie or was it a horror show? A few readers recount their sometimes awfully sweet, often hilarious, sometimes outrageous and generally thought-provoking experiences with their first kiss.


(Also a community engagement editor, part-time actress and mental health warrior)

“My first kiss, it was icky! Too much drool, too much tongue! I didn’t know what to do with my hands it was awkward and gross. I was 19, and he was my boyfriend (well as close as to one as he could be) and we were chilling out while shooting pool

at a small shack in my rural town. I would rate it two on a scale of one to 10! Suffice it to say, it put me off kissing for a while.”


“My first kiss was with my crush when I was 13. I can even remember exactly what time it was: 6pm. I had gone to lock the gate and my neighbour Peter, whom I had a serious crush on, was sitting outside the gate, so I joined him and we started chatting.

He asked for a hug since he was leaving for ‘shags’ and I for high school. I obliged and before I knew it he was holding me and kissing me passionately. I think he had been studying the fence carefully and knew it was a blind spot where my mother could

not spot us from the house! I slapped him right after the kiss and ran home. He wrote me a letter when I joined high school. I wrote back and warned him that I would not engage in pre-marital sex.

We still laugh about it to date. I would give it a three out of 10!”


“My first kiss was with my campus love and it was intense! He was my neighbour at home and it was during the December holidays of 2002. As a matter of fact, the evening the presidential results were announced found us beside a small waterfall, watching the sunset.

We had our soda and rock cakes beside us and we were seated on seat-like rock, facing the tiny waterfall.

I remember the smell of Protex the soap (I got to know later after buying it and realising ‘I know this smell’) he used as deodorant. Overall rating of the experience? Eight out of 10!”


“I was 14 when I had my first kiss. He was about 16. We went to a party with my friends and this guy I knew took me to the balcony for ‘fresh air’; that is when he pulled some slick moves, like pretending to yawn and his hand landing on my shoulder. Then his lips landed on mine.

I do not think I really understood what was happening, though I struggled to look like I knew what I was doing! I would give the experience a five out of 10!”


“It was right after high school. I was 16 years old and he was 17 but also the official cool guy in the ‘hood. He took me to his cousin’s empty house.

The kiss was short, but very intense almost like a surgical procedure because I could feel my lips leaving my body, because of how hard he was pulling at them with his mouth. All this while I was sitting still like a tree, waiting for my goosebumps to die

down. I would give it a three out of 10!”


“I was 17 years old and I think the anticipation was three-quarters the fun! He was my neighbour’s cousin and would visit over the holidays. He lived in Mombasa and would speak in their brand of Kiswahili that was really attractive, and I often dreamed

about how magical it would be to be kissed by him. Eventually it happened, and in the first few seconds it was so amazing that my body even felt feverish!

And then he started experimenting with his tongue, and suddenly I couldn’t even breathe as I was choking! I pushed him away and promised to never kiss again! I would give it a one out of 10!”


“I had been practicing kissing with the palm of my hands for a very long time before my actual kiss when I was 22 and a third-year student at university.

I was in the waiting-until-marriage team for a long time, too. My experience was limited to my palms and the romantic movies I had watched where the girl would raise one foot as she was being kissed by my boyfriend, but that did not happen.

He held my face very tightly as he kissed me but I just stood there waiting for my leg to rise. He said I wasn’t bad at all for a first-timer! Today, I would rate the kiss at a five out of 10.”