DIARY OF A WORKING MOTHER: Homework and salon wars


Monday, 8:23pm: Talk about smart answers! And it’s not me she takes after in that area, I was such a shy, quiet child.

I remember hiding under the very table visitors were seated around because I couldn’t find the courage to walk around and greet them but maybe that was just a bad dream because I am the only one who seems to recall this incident. So when Siji gives me Smart aleck answers to rather obvious questions like, “Now why are you doing that!?” I have to wonder.

Tuesday, 7:50pm: Today I have smacked her with a borrowed belt, just a little bit, but that should be enough to park the message in her once and for all. But how long are we going to talk about not doing homework at 7.45am when she has to be in school by

8.00am? Apparently, Nanny asked her to do it yesterday afternoon and she refused and this has been going on for a while! We can’t start this behaviour in nursery school what are we going to be doing in Standard Four, let alone Standard Eight?

Wednesday, 1:17pm: “No, we are never going back to the salon,” I told Baby, “because you totally misbehaved last time.” We left with three plaits not done at the back because she did not want anyone but her favourite hairdresser to touch her.

I let her go to school like that for two days it’s kind of the new look nowadays to have some sections of the head plaited and others not, right? So now the whole head looks like it was done a month ago because she just wouldn’t sit still and they did a bad job.

“I’m undoing it when you come back from school, girlie!”

Thursday, 7:15pm: I grew up with pets and really I want Baby to have the same wealth of experience when it comes to caring for animals. But because we couldn’t handle super-energetic Koko whom we took to ‘shagz’ to live with the other nine dogs there,

and the chicken all died, save for the mummy hen who cannot seem to bring up her chicks – they all die within a month, and then Marshal left us on day six So I kind of found Siji a tortoise. This one should be able to last some 50 years or so, surely!

Friday, 7:26am: I did up her hair (which I undid on Wednesday as promised) and she wore the hot pink and black frock that Susu had brought from her travels, and with a black and white bow in

her hair, lace-trimmed white socks, black baby doll shoes and snacks in her schoolbag, she was ready! We have an end-of-year party in school today, though Mama Baraka whom I met while

dropping off Siji yesterday is not sure we parents have been invited, but I am going!