Deal with drug menace

Kenya has been on the world radar since the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) called for the suspension of Russia from athletics championships for alleged systematic doping.

The Kenya quickly government formalised the formation of the Anti-doping Agency of Kenya (Adak), which could have averted action from Wada, but the real doping issues are yet to be dealt with finality.

Close to 40 Kenyan athletes have so far failed drug tests. With the World Athletics Championships looming in August, there is cause for worry.

As a first step, all foreign athletics coaches should be vetted. Athletics Kenya recently suspended leading managements Rosa and Associati and Volare Sports for six months following allegations of doping, but the ban has since been lifted.

The counter accusations between Rosa and Associati and its former coach, Claudio Berardelli, is not helping matters.

The country seems to be at the mercy of these managements, which operate freely because they handle most top Kenyan athletes.

Young athletes are being lured into using banned substances by rogue coaches, and AK must help the government to rein in such criminal acts.